08 April 2020
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Q4 2019 Conference Call with National Directors
Dinis Adriano
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Q4 2019 Conference Call with National Directors

A video recording of the meeting and the presentation used is now available.

A full recording (video and audio) of the Q4 2019 conference call held with National Directors of Public Affairs and Communication and the Digital Channels Coordinators on October 17, 2019, is now available in the Europe Area Resources section, under the folder "Conference Calls".

We have also included the presentation used in the call - in both Powerpoint and PDF formats. Feel free to share this resources with other members of your national council and priesthood leaders. 

Thank you for participating in the call. The next one is scheduled to take place in January 2020. The format of that call will be significantly different - it will be a Q&A session! More details will be shared later.

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