02 December 2020
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October 2018 Newsroom and Facebook reports added
Dinis Adriano
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October 2018 Newsroom and Facebook reports added

We now track stats for two additional official Facebook pages of the Church in Switzerland

The Newsroom and Facebook reports for the month of October 2018 have been added to Ingenia. Page views, unique users and unique visits are up across almost all 20 country Newsrooms of the Europe Area.

Facebook reports now include two additional pages that were created in Switzerland - in French and in Italian. Please visit those pages at  www.facebook.com/EgliseDeJesusChristCH and at www.facebook.com/ChiesaDiGesuCristoCH and 'like' and 'follow' them. You can also inform the members of the national council about these two new pages. 

The reports can be found on the 'Europe Area Resources' section of Ingenia, under 'Reports and Statistics'. There are folders created there for Newsroom reports and for Social Media reports.

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Joanna Bjerga

I don't seem to have access to the 'Europe Area Resources' section as a DCC. Could I?

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