25 October 2020
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Light the World 2019 Christmas campaign materials available - UPDATE
Dinis Adriano
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Light the World 2019 Christmas campaign materials available - UPDATE

Q&A about the campaign below (click here)

The materials for the Light the World 2019 Christmas campaign are now available in INGENIA. Go to the "Europe Area Resources" section, and find the assets in all the languages of the Area, under the folder 'Digital Channels > Light the World 2019'.

The following assets are available to be printed/used locally:

  1. Pass-along card
  2. Meetinghouse poster
  3. Calendar
  4. Pull-up banner

There is also a outline in English for a family home evening, that can be used in the month of December (this will not be translated into other languages).

UPDATE 1 (9:15 - Nov 3, 2019)

5 videos will be published in the social media channels and country pages of the Europe Area, according to this calendar:

Nov 29 - Elder Ballard Invitation (relaunch video)
Dec 2 - The Christ Child (17 min. video) - produced at Church HQ's
Dec 4 - Serving Others at Christmas (relaunch video)
Dec 9 - Light the World video
Dec 16 - Timely Noel video
Dec 23 - Elder Holland 'Who is the Christ?' (relaunch video)

UPDATE 2 (11:25 - Nov 3, 2019)

Latest news received from Church Headquarters:

  • The ComeUntoChrist.org website in English is featuring the Light the World teaser video
  • The LightTheWorld.org website will launch on Thursday, November 14. The ENG trailer will be live with the website, but it is already available on YouTube
  • Language sites (French, Portuguese, Spanish) will be launched on Friday, November 22. Language trailers will be ready with their respective website launches


Q&A (Questions and Answers) on the Light the World 2019 Campaign

Q - What is expected from the National Councils of Public Affairs and Communication regarding the Light the World 2019 campaign?
A - The role of the National Councils is to help support the campaign. The missions in each countries are really the primary recipients of the campaign. The missions are used to print the campaign materials locally and use it in their proselyting efforts.

In past campaigns, the national councils of public affairs and communications were asked to be involved in the organization of service projects, concerts, multi-faith choir events, public events, etc.  This year's campaign focus is on ’one by one’. So it is really targeted at the individual members and friends of the Church - it invites them them to try to go out and do something good for someone in their neighborhoods and communities, during the Christmas season.

Of course, if any ward or branch decides to organize a service project, it would be great to capture that and create a news story about it - coupled with some pictures - and then publish it in the local digital channels of the Church. 

In fact, this can also be done for the individual actions of members of Church in the respective country. Some countries are going to invite their members to write a short text about their own experience, as they serve others. Then they will create a series of social media posts - so this can inspire others to do the same. It is an effective way to make the campaign ‘more local’ and more relevant. 

Q - Will we have a Europe-wide social media campaign, like we had in the past?
A - This year we will publish five videos (see calendar above) that are directly tied with the campaign. Some of the videos are relaunches of past videos, others were created for this year's campaign at Church HQ's. Countries are free to use the social media channels to publish additional locally-created content.

Q - When can these materials (meaning the PDFs files) start to be shared online?
A - The pre-launch date is Nov 14, 2019. So please hold any social media posts or articles that use those materials until that date.

Q - On the ComeUntoChrist.org website, one can register to receive daily texts (SMS messages) regarding the campaign. But this does not seem to be working for other countries (other than the US). Why?
A - We confirm that this functionality is not operational yet. We have asked for clarification of the error and will update this Q&A accordingly.

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Yves Weidmann

When will the other language sites (not ENG, SPA, POR, FRA) go live on the CPs? Also on the 22 November?

Will there be a press release?

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