25 October 2020
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Light the World 2018 Christmas campaign update
Dinis Adriano

Light the World 2018 Christmas campaign update

English materials are now available. Other languages will follow soon.

Some materials for the 'Light the World' 2018 Christmas campaign are now available for download from the website www.mormon.org.  

The main page in English now features a short teaser video that introduces the campaign to all audiences. Each week of the month of December of 2018 has its own special theme - a new short video will be launched at the beginning of the week.

For now the materials are available only in English, but soon other languages will be ready for download. Please check regularly this link for an updated list of language materials: www.mormon.org/downloads

We take this chance to remind you that we are looking forward to collect any stories or articles you are planning to do related to this campaign, so these can be featured in other Church websites around the world. If you are planning to have a special project or initiative that is unique and different, let us know. We will make sure other areas of the world know about it and get inspired by you!




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