25 October 2020
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January 2019 Detailed Content Plan (Europe Area)
Dinis Adriano
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January 2019 Detailed Content Plan (Europe Area)

This resource will help your national council better plan your local content creation needs.

A few months ago we shared with the National Councils of Public Affairs and Communications the content plan for the Digital Channels in the Europe Area. The plan presents an overview of the major content elements that will be publised throughout 2019. 

We have agreed in the last quarterly call that we would introduce a more detailed plan for each month of the year. So we are happy to share the detailed plan for the month of January of 2019. We hope this document will help the National Councils better coordinate the efforts of creating and publishing local content - that is aligned with the content that is published by the Europe Area office.

We will save these detailed monthly plans in the appropriate content folder on the 'Europe Area Resources' section of INGENIA. The detailed plan is also attached to this article (see below).

For your information, the detailed plan for the month of February 2019 will be shared sometime two weeks before the start of the respective month.

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