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Ingenia is lauching today - 13 June 2018!
Dinis Adriano
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Ingenia is lauching today - 13 June 2018!

After a long period of testing, we are happy to inform that the Ingenia tool is finally launching and it can start being access and used by selected members of the National Councils of Public Affairs and Communications.

We believe Ingenia is a very simple tool - but we have prepared a basic user guide that explains the most important areas and functionalities of the tool. We will keep expanding this document and will later create other materials that can help users make the best use of the tool. The guide, in a pdf format, can be found below - check the section 'Documents to Download'.

All National Directors of Public Affairs and Communications (NDPAC) and all Digital Channels Coordinators (DCC) will receive their login information today. Other members of the national councils should also have access to the tool - but we kindly ask that each NDPAC sends a list of names that need to have access. We will need:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Calling
  4. Stake/district of origin
  5. Phone number

We hope you like the tool and start using it right away. If you find any glitches or issues, please send an email to Dinis Adriano (dinis.adriano@ldschurch.org),  so we can correct the issue as soon as possible.

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