25 October 2020
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Ingenia - 04 June 2018 - Media Files (formerly Media Library)
Dinis Adriano
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Ingenia - 04 June 2018 - Media Files (formerly Media Library)

One of the areas of the new tool Ingenia that members of the National Councils of Public Affairs and Communications will find most useful is the Media Files.

It is very similar to the previous Media Library that was made available 3 years ago. We will keep uploading images, videos and other media assets to this area of the tool. In fact we are now browsing our own files and archives for any asset that might be a great addition to the media library. So expect to see new images and clips be added in the next few weeks and months.

This section of Ingenia is also meant to be used by you. You can upload your own videos and images, provided you have the legal documents to do that - RUI form (Release to Use Image) - for those who are featured in images or videos and the CWUL form (Creative Works Unlimited License), for those who took the pictures or shot the videos.

Searching for media assets in this Media Files section has also been made more friendly. You can use some of the filters available to narrow your searches and really find what you are looking for. Of course this requires that the assets that are included are correctly identified and tagged.

We will prepare a simple manual that will explain the process of uploading your own (country) images and videos, and then have someone defined to approve those assets. This quick guide will come later in the week!


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