13 August 2020
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February 2019 Newsroom and Facebook reports added
Dinis Adriano
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February 2019 Newsroom and Facebook reports added

The reports for the 201 Country Newsroom and the 31 Country Facebook Page have been added to Ingenia. Find them in the 'Europe Area Resources' section

You can find the latest reports about page visits and engagement to our country Newsrooms and country Facebook pages. Soon we will have a new reporting tool for the social media pages and these reports will be greatly enhance. The current version of the Facebook reports - based in the tool Percolate, has some serious limitations in terms of formatting and printing. If you need to have the full report, please send a request do Dinis Adriano at dinis.adriano@ldschurch.org.

The reports are stored in the 'Europe Area Resources' section, under 'Digital Channels > Reports and Statistics'. There is a folder for Newsroom reports and a folder for Social Media (Facebook). Go to the appropriate Year and Month sub folders.

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1 comments on article "February 2019 Newsroom and Facebook reports added"

Yves Weidmann

Wonderful, thank you. It would be great to also have the Country Pages statistics in the statistics section. Is that possible? Thank you, Yves

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