22 January 2021
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Detailed Content Plan for the Digital Channels - July 2020
Dinis Adriano
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Detailed Content Plan for the Digital Channels - July 2020

A less busy month - in terms of content generated at the Europe Area level

The detailed Digital Channels content plan for the month of Jly 2020 is now available in Ingenia. You can find it under the 'Europe Area Resources' section, in the folder Digital Channels > Content Plan. The detailed plan is also attached below (see 'Documents to Download', just under this text).

Note that because of the postponement of the Tabernacle Choir 'Heritage Tour' to 2021, we have less news articles and press releases slated for the month of July. This is a great opportunity to create content at the country level.

We also see the current pandemic situation evolving favourably, there might be addtional communication pieces or content assets being shared with all the countries. The #HearHim initiative is one of these examples - there migh be addtional content assets sent to you - that we cannot really anticipate right now.

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