25 October 2020
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Country Newsrooms - 2018 Year in Review
Dinis Adriano
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Country Newsrooms - 2018 Year in Review

Want to know how you Country Newsroom did in 2018? There's a new report that includes all that information. Check it out!

We have prepared a report that covers the statistics of the 20 Country Newsroom websites of the Europe Area. The report includes number of page views, number of unique visitors, number of unique visits, year-on-year growth (from 2013-2018) and number of new articles created.

This report can be shared with all members of the National Councils of Public Affairs and Communications and also with Priesthood leaders. The report can be found just below and also under the Europe Area Resources section, on the folder 'Reports and Statistics'. See the new folder 'Overview - Digital Channels'.

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